Advices for the Day of Arafah

1. Make a lot of du'a.
This is the greatest day of the year. Pour your heart out in du'a and believe in its acceptance. Every year, we hear first hand stories from people whose Arafah du'a was accepted as is. Don't forget to pray for others. If you must, schedule some time in advance just to make du'ā.

2. If you're not a pilgrim at Hajj, fast and encourage others to do so.
The Prophet said, "Fasting the day of Arafah absolves the sins for two years: the previous year and the upcoming year." [Muslim]

3. Deeds are multiplied
Deeds are multiplied on this day, so engage in many acts of worship, such as reading Qur'an and making dhikr frequently.

4. Give charity & repent sincerely.
Give charity and repent sincerely and make the changes necessary to remain consistent. Don't give up and don't tell yourself you can't change. This is one of the greatest opportunities for change if you really want it.

5. Prepare your final will and testament and reflect on death and what follows it.
A brother returned from Hajj a few years ago and passed away a few days later; his last deed was a magnificent one. What will our last deeds be? Live upon sincere goodness as a habit and you'll die upon it by His Mercy.

May Allah accept from you and us.

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