As you become more familiar with the Quran, your thoughts and actions will proportionately become more compatible and will be on the same wavelength with its messages and wisdom as well.

Finally, you will fall in love with the Quran, as a result of which the whole life, all of a sudden, will become one sweet song of incessantly worshiping, glorifying and singing praises to your Creator, Master and Cherisher.

You will then start living life not according to your own limited and often flawed knowledge and will, but according to the infinite revealed knowledge and will of the Creator and Sustainer of life. And that is that fine line between spiritual as well as ethical triumph and failure.

Let the Quran be our best friend and our greatest companion. Let's develop gradually a habit of reciting, understanding and implementing the Quran out of pure love for it and its heavenly source. And let's declare a big "No" to such relationships with the Quran as are based on ignorance, indolence and parrot-like routines.

There are no more appropriate times to embark on the long mission of seeking out the love for the Quran than now.

Make it a habit to read Qur'an Daily and raise in love with

the words of Allah.

May Allah ease this journey for us, and may He accept our efforts.

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