A story of love

"Why Dan why?", she asked him with tears in her eyes. He answered, "I still love you, but I have found something, which is more beloved to me and more beautiful than you".

Wondering who is Dan and who is Lexi? Ah Let me tell you everything from beginning.

Daniel and Lexi were soulmates, people called them love birds. They were together since the first day of their school.Lexi didn't care much about religion,but Daniel never missed going to Church at Sundays.He would ask lots of questions to the priest but he would never get satisfied with his answers.

Unlike other boys who would break any girls heart without a second thought, Daniel was very considerate of Lexi's feeling. Their relationship started from friendship.First they became close friends and eventually they fell in love. They met each other when they were five and now they were twenty-two.

Lexi noticed that from some days Dan wasn't seeming himself.Neither did he messaged her nor did he came to meet her. And when he came he wouldn't seem her Dan but some stranger. When she asked him the reason, he said that he was busy with work. The Strange behaviour of Dan continued for three months.

Lexi was sitting in her room sad and depressed thinking what happened to Dan.People taunted her that he has found another girl but she knew that he would never cheat on her.

Her phone rang,it was Dan.He told her that he wanted to meet her and he would come to pick her up tomorrow morning.

All her sadness went away like a smoke. She was overjoyed with happiness. "May be he wanted to propose me for marriage, and he was busy planning that",she blushed thinking that. Smile never left her eyes.

The next morning she wokeup before her usual time and wore her best dress,her best makeup. She made sure that everything was perfect. He came to pick her up and took her to a very unfamilier

place and told her something which broke her heart. He explained her that he was busy finding innerpeace. Search for truth has led him to Islam and he wanted to become Muslim.

He explained her in the best possible way he can. Both of them were soaked in tears.  It was hard, very hard for him to say this to Lexi.

"Why Dan why?", she asked him with tears in her eyes. He answered, "I still love you, but I have found something, which is more peaceful and more beautiful than you. Today I called you to ask you if you would accept this truth and join me in this beautiful journey". "You know that its impossible for an Orthodox Christian like me, Dan", she said silently.

"I will give you two months time Lexi, If you accept Islam then I will marry you and If not, then I will have to forget you.I still love you Lexi and I would do anything to be with you but I am helpless this time.I have always been loyal to you,but now I can't be disloyal to my Lord for anyone.Tomorrow I will read shahada.During this two months time don't contact me because its not permissible for me to talk to you.I will just contact you once to hear your answer", saying this he left.

She stood their crying,lonely and heartbroken.

Lexi's world turned upside down.For a week she didn't say anything, she just drank and stayed in her room unconscious, wishing that it was all a nightmare.It was much more hard for Dan,then it was for her. He was trying to be strong but deep down his heart cried like a child for her. Whenever a tear left from his eyes,a dua escaped from his lips. The next day he accepted Islam and now he was Danyaal.

After one month,Daniel suddenly got a call from Lexi.She was ready to accept Islam and get married to him. It was little shocking for him but he thought it was the answer to his prayers.

They had a simple marriage in mosque. She was waiting for him in his room,dressed beautifully."Its the beginning of your end and my revenge Dan, she said giving an evil smirk".

Her sudden decision of accepting Islam was because of Satanic whispers. She hated Islam because it took away her most beloved person from her. She did accept Islam but all to take her revenge.Her sole purpose was to destroy Dan because he broke her heart. Danyaal was unaware of what she was hiding.

She acted so well that Danyaal didn't even get hint of her real plan.She was planning to leave him after three months of marriage, so that he knows how a heart-break feels.But we can't anticipate what our future holds.

The Dan who was her husband was very different from the Dan she knew since childhood. He would not talk with other women except her and he was very kind to her. He would never shout at her.He would help her with chores at home and was very nice to her.

His strong love started to melt the revengeful feeling in her heart just like heat melts away the hard wax.She was amazed at the beautiful way he changed. Clouds of confusion surrounded her, she was perplexed if it was Dan or Islam that was affecting her heart.But later she realized that she fell for Dan again because of the way he changed and he changed by following Islam.

Three months were about to end.She realised what she had done and decided to tell Dan everything. One night she took out prayer mat and started to pray and made dua and cried. Dan came and saw her.He felt happy to see his wife cry in tahajjud.

"You never looked this beautiful before ",he said unaware of the reason she was crying. She hugged him and cried for a long time. "Okay stop now, Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala heard your

prayers habibati "he said with a smile.

"I have to tell you something", she said in a low voice.

He was confused. Then she told him everything leaving him in shock.Her confession made him completely silent.

"Dan,please forgive me.If you can still accept me then I will try my best to be the best wife to you and If you can't, then I promise I will never bother you again", She said with tears in her eyes. After thinking for whole night and discussing his problem with a Mufti,he came to her and said with a smile,"Let's get married again tomorrow ".

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