How to complete the Quran during Ramadan:

The Quran has 600 pages approximately. If you divide it on 30 days, that's 20 pages a day. That may be difficult to do right? But, if you divide it in on the 5 daily prayers a day. It gets easier.

If you read 4 pages after every salah in Ramadan, then you've completed the Quran.

Other ways you can divide reading the pages during Ramadan due to school, work or anything else is...

•Read 4 pages after every obligatory prayer

•Read 2 pages before each obligatory prayer, and 2 pages after

•Read 5 pages in the morning, noon, afternoon, and night

•Read 10 pages in the morning, and 10 in the evening

Inshallah we all grow and become better Muslims increasing our emaan and growing our knowledge of our beloved religion Ameen.

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