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"He who treads a path in search of knowledge, Allah will direct him to tread a path from paths of paradise

The angels lower their wings for student of knowledge in approval of what he does

All in heavens and earth and fish in depth of water seek forgiveness for the scholar

And superiority of scholar over worshipper is like superiority of full moon at night over the rest of stars

Verily, the scholars are the heirs of prophets, Verily the prophet didn't bequeath deenars or dirhams, All they left behind was knowledge

Whoever takes knowledge, has indeed acquired a huge fortune" Source Book-CAUSES BEHIND INCREASE AND DECREASE OF EEMAN writer- shaukh Abdur razzak Al abbad

Reference- Al musnad 5/196, abu dawud 3/317, Tirmidhi 5/49, ibn majah 1/81, ad daarimee 1/98 and ibn hibban 1/152

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