9 Good Deeds You Can Do This Ramadan

1. Seek forgiveness

As ramadan is the month of forgiveness The gates of hell are closed and heaven are opened. Ask forgiveness from Allah. Shift your path in the side of heaven

2. Dhikr

It has been reported every good deed rewards 70 times more in ramadan So keep doing dhikr Recite tasbeeh, quran , astagfar

3. Charity

Alot of muslims give zakah in this month; zakah is fard ofcourse but giving it in ramadan is not compulsory!! Give charity, not only zakah but sadaqah Keep check of poor and neighbors to

4. Help your mums

Mothers are busy preparing meals, they lack time for ibadah ! She will be rewarded for the cause but still try to help her and make it easy for her.(This is most important thing)

5. Make dua specially at the time of iftar

Make sure to recite durood before and after your dua

6. Control your nafs

Keep your anger low Don't indulge in useless debates -say “Allahumma inni sayim" - stop yourself from major sins - do lot's of astagfar remember it's you not shaitan!

7. Complete all fard ibadah on time!

Remember Allah loves the fard ibadah you do thus made it obligatory 
Read quran with translation Recite surah ikhlaas more And put more ikhlaas (sincerity) in your ibadah

8. Keep check on

NiyahRevive your intentions again and again Do it for the sake of Allah alone! And keep smiling

9. Most Importantly

Don't let your ibadah in vain : stop doing go shirk; wearing taweez : doing grave worship etc Remember shirk leads to hellfire !
Connect yourself to your lord by reconnecting to tawheed !!!

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