I Don't find my wife attractive anymore...

A man goes to a sheikh and says, "Oh sheikh, I've been married for years and I have kids but in the past few years I've noticed I'm not attracted to my wife any longer."

The sheikh starts to ask him why? Has she gained any weight? Man: No, she looks the same.

Sheikh: Did she get into an accident, did something deform her image? Man: No, she looks the same.

So the sheikh asks "Do you have a hard time lowering your gaze when women walk past you? Do you have issues with pornography?

Man: Yeah, how did you know about that? Sheikh: "When you indulge in Haram, when you fall in love with the Haram, when you eat, sleep, and breathe in the Haram, then the Halal becomes disgusting to you."

Make your heart clean do not allow the love of haram in it. nowadays pornography, nudes, haram affairs are the main reason of destroying the peace of families and many end up with divorce.

In the world of technology, we must have to take care of our activities, we need to recheck our life daily, I know Nowdays on a single click you can have all the access of haram contents. I know but you're muslim, Don't forget yourself and your value.

May Allah guide us all and US protect us all from the Zina of our eyes, and body. Ameen

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