Topic: How Desicions become clear after doing Istikharah?

We have multiple stages in our life where we are confused in what to do. At this point when a person is confused, Islam teaches us to pray Salat ul Istikhara and go ahead with the correct & proper decision. But the main question here arises is that 'How decisions become clear after doing Istikharah?'. So in today's lesson let us talk about this.

The People of knowledge have mentioned that after a person does Istikharah, there are number of ways in which the correct decision becomes clear. Let's know some of them 

1) The affair will be made easy for him, after it had been difficult for him earlier. The hardship will be removed and affair will be made easy. This is a proof that affair is easy for him.

2) His heart will become open towards an affair. For example if someone is trying to choose between two matters, then he prays Istikharah prayer and his heart becomes inclined towards one of the affair and not the other. This is a sign that this affair was better for him.

3) The person may also see a righteous dream which clarifies that thus affair is better for him, but it's not a requirement that he sees a dream. There are some people those who say that "I prayed Istikharah 100 times, but not even once I saw a dream.". So we should know that it's not required that a person may see a dream, the matter could become clear in other ways too.

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