Here are the straight facts about cigarette smoking. You can also Decide It's Haram or Halal?

Although many people smoke because they believe cigarettes calm their nerves, smoking releases epinephrine, a hormone which creates physiological stress in the smoker, rather than relaxation. The use of tobacco is addictive. Most users develop tolerance for nicotine and need greater amounts to produce a desired effect.

Smokers become physically and psychologically dependent and will suffer withdrawal symptoms including: changes in body temperature, heart rate, digestion, muscle tone, and appetite.

Psychological symptoms include: irritability, anxiety, sleep disturbances, nervousness, headaches, fatigue, nausea, and cravings for tobacco that can last days, weeks, months, years, or an entire lifetime.

Risks associated with smoking cigarettes:

• diminished or extinguished sense of smell and taste frequent colds smoker's cough gastric ulcers chronic bronchitis 

• increase in heart rate and blood pressure 

• premature and more abundant face wrinkles 

emphysema • heart disease  • stroke • cancer of the mouth, larynx, pharynx, esophagus, lungs, pancreas, cervix, uterus, and bladder

Cigarette smoking is perhaps the most devastating preventable cause of disease and premature death.

Smoking is particularly dangerous for teens because their bodies are still developing and changing and the 4,000 chemicals (including 200 known poisons) in cigarette smoke can adversely affect this process. 

Cigarettes are highly addictive. One-third of young people who are just "experimenting" end up being addicted by the time they are 20.

Smoking is Halaal or Haraam?
Before we get into a debate of Halaal Haraam, I want you to answer these questions honestly.

Like any other halaal thing will you give cigarette to your child?

Like any other normal thing will you smoke in front of your father?

Will you give your guests cigarette

instead of dessert after food?

Do you crush your food with shoes after eating?

Do you say Bismillah before and Alhamdulillah after smoking?

Are you unaware about the millions of death as a result of smoking?
Have you not seen people dieing and regretting smoking?

Have you not read "SMOKING KILLS" on your cigarette packet?

How You explain to Allah about this wrong activity on the day of judgement? have a look on Hadith please; Prophet Muhammad said, "The son of Adam will not be dismissed from his Lord on the Day of Resurrection until he is questioned about five issues: his life and how he lived it, his youth and how he used it, his wealth and how he earned it and he spent it, and how he acted on his knowledge."

Source: Sunan al-Tirmidhi 2416

Haven't you read the verse 195 of sureh Baqarah "Don't kill yourself with your own hands."

"Smoking is from the filthy things, and the harms of it are many."

May Allah protect guide us to the as US sirat al mustaqeem.

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