Follow your Religion, not the Newest Trends.

This isn't indicated to anyone specifically. I'm just going to state my mind; so here goes.

It's interesting to see all these hijabi girls following fashion trends and muslim men dressed up in skinny jeans. Wow, it's amazing, how we're evolving!

Now, let's get back to reality. Hijab is a requirement for both, men and women. Girls it's not right to go out with a turban. It's not right to show your ankles or beautify your face by applying makeup on. You're beautiful enough.

And men, this goes out to you too. Cover your chest. Don't wear too tight; for you also have to be modest. I just hate the fact that many of us are being led astray by following all these magazines, all these creators, all these trends, and all of these modern stuff without noticing we're going in the wrong direction.

I think we must think about our identity. My friend, you're Muslim and it's not right to do haram activities on the name of modernism. Islam allow us to enjoy the world in the permissible way: Learn about your religion and it's beauties.

If exposure of body is modernism, then animals are more modern than humans. and we re living in a world where losing the clothes is celebrated. so, we need to follow our religion because we have our pure principles and the way of life.

Being religious doesn't mean that we can't enjoy the world. In fact, Allah ordered us to enjoy His blessings but without disobeying Him. So the point is not enjoyment it's about crossing the boundaries. we are muslim we must follow Qur'an and sunnah and this is real enjoyment of World.

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