There's a Hadith Qudsi of Allah when He says about this sinner: My slave turns to Me knowing I am a very forgiving Lord. He has committed a sin and he turns to Me. He says: "Oh Allah you are my forgive me."
So Allah says to the angels: I have forgiven him for he knows he has a forgiving Lord.
And this continues and continues. This man goes back and commits the same sin again and he turns to Allah saying: "Oh Allah I've done it again!" He made a sincere repentance and cries again. And he slips again and he finds Allah forgiving him. The man goes back and he commits the same sin again and again And he keeps coming back Allah smiles upon him He says to the angels: Look at my slave. he knows he is a sinner. and he knows he has a Lord and he knows his Lord is forgiving. Oh My angels bear witness I have forgiven him no matter what he does. 
(Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

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