How do the dead realize they are dead?

The dead person does not realize that he died at the beginning. He feels himself dreaming of death, he sees himself crying, bathing, knotting himself and going down to the grave.

He always has the impression of dreaming when he is piled up on the ground. He then screams but no one hears his scream.

Later, when everyone is dispersed and left alone underground, Allah restores his soul. He opens his eyes and wakes up from his "bad dream". At first he is happy and grateful that what he was going through was just a nightmare, and now he is awake from his sleep. Then he begins to touch his body, which has just been wrapped in a cloth, questioning it with surprise;

"Where's my shirt, where are my underwear?

Then he continues: "Where am I, where is this place, why the smell of dirt and mud everywhere, what am I doing here?"

Then he begins to realize that he is underground, and what he is experiencing is not a dream! Yes, he realized he was really dead.

He shouts as loudly as possible, calls his relatives who, according to him, could save him:

"Umar .... !!

"Ahmed .... !!

"Abdullah ...!!!

"Aysha ...!!

"Khateeja ...!

No one answers him. He then remembers that GOD is the only hope right now. He weeps and implores while asking Him forgiveness;

"Yaa Allah! Yaa Allah! Forgive me Yaa Allah .

He screams in an incredible fear that he had never felt before, during his lifetime.

If he is a good person, two angels with a smiling face will sit him down to comfort him, then do him the best service.

If he is a bad person, two angels will increase his fear and torture him according to his ugly acts

Oh my God, forgive my sins and the sins of my mother, father, wife, children and all my family and friends

Ya Allah, don't take my life until I'm at my best and ready to meet you

Brother and sisters in Islam, you have two options here:

1. Let this little knowledge only be read here and nothing happens

2. Share this knowledge with your friends and other contacts. In Shaa Allah, this will be useful to all and you will be rewarded accordingly

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