Today's Lesson


Of all the Scriptures, only the Book of Allah, the Quran, exists in its original form. The whole of the present Quran is exactly the same as it was when it was sent down because Allah Himself has promised its preservation. It is safe against any alteration, distortion, addition or deletion until the Last Day. It is the Word of Allah sent down to Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), through the most distinguished angel, Gabriel. It was revealed more than fourteen hundred years ago and it took twenty-three years to be revealed. Contained it are the accounts of the past sinful communities, what happens in the Hereafter, details of the straight path leading man to Allah, and of the path of Satan leading man to Hell. It argues clearly for belief in one god and explains how harmful it is to take the wrong path. It resolves the problems which will haunt man until the Last Day and prescribes the right way to lead life.    
The Quran is not specific to any time, people or place. Rather, it is valid for all times and for the whole of mankind. Allah has promised immense reward in this world and the next for those who recite it and act upon it. Ten good deeds are credited to one’s record for reciting a single letter of the Quran. Allah raises the rank of those who recite it and forgives their sins. As to its literary excellence, it is widely agreed to be the most excellent literary work in the world. Many have embraced Islam simply by reading it.

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